Regify LogoRegify

Providing a range of security applications, Regify specifically addresses emails where reliable security is of high importance or value. Regify apps ensure the secure end to end management of sensitive data in the executive suite, in payroll and in commercial transactions. Visit



Edify LogoEdiFly

Provides next generation secure end to end messaging for operational systems in the aviation industry at significantly lower cost than the existing options. Visit




Grasp LogoGrasp Technologies

Addresses the need for custom reporting and data management solutions for the travel industry. With 16 years experience, they have grown to provide cutting edge data management, integration, intelligence and consolidation solutions to travel industry clients of all sizes. They work with travel management companies, corporations and corporate travel departments of all types and sizes worldwide and in addition to a core suite of products, they also provide consulting on data needs and customised solutions to resolve data management issues. Visit


Site Visibility LogoSiteVisibility

Brings a team of SEO, PPC, social media, strategy, technical and R&D boffins together to create flexible, future-proof and truly integrated digital marketing campaigns that deliver better results from sensible budgets. Visit


Data Exchange LogoThe DataExchange

If Content is King, then data is the food of Kings. The DataExchange provides a unique opportunity for travel industry enterprises to sell and trade data. Standalone, enterprise only data has limited utility, but by trading data to create a richer data set, enterprises are able to make more effective use of their own data. Travel data is some of the most contextually rich information available, the Exchange provides a platform through which organizations in the Travel sector can monetize their data in a secure way, ensuring sensitive information is de-identified and agreements regarding future use of the information strictly applied. By using the facilities of the DataExchange, it is now practical to request, bid and purchase specific items of data and so substantially reduce the cost of data acquisition. The key is to only pay for the specific data sets required for any given research task. Visit


ID90T LogoID90T’s

Common and neutral employee platform allows the world’s airlines to make one single connection to communicate with all airline reservation systems quickly, efficiently and with no upfront development costs. For the airline this significantly reduces the complexity and cost of managing employee pass systems and provides employees with simple, efficient planning, listing and ticketing functionality, as well as supporting their journeys with preferred access to hotel & car pricing, as well as ‘bump’ insurance. Not only does this improve employee satisfaction, but ‘hidden’ airline operating costs are reduced or eliminated. Visit


Engage and Go Logo

Engage & Go

Communicate with your travellers using your app or SMS concurrently:

  • Groups of leisure travellers
  • Conference attendees
  • Corporate travellers
  • Sports groups

Unique console managed by you that allows you to interact with your travelers en mass. Quick, efficient and effective. Keep in touch…………..